Liz James Ceramics


Elizabeth James, assistant professor and ceramic studio area head brings a westerner's perspective to Minnesota. She received her BFA from Boise State University and MFA from Kansas State University studying under the direction of Yoshiro Ikeda. She concluded her graduate degree with a teaching residency at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland. Liz’s interests include functional and non-functional ceramic forms that represent a confluence of observations of human behavior, life cycles, and forces of nature. Her work has been in galleries and exhibitions globally and is included in both public and private collections.






My forms are multiple assemblages that combine contrasting clay bodies, glazes and surfaces that are not direct representations of this environment but rather borrowed elements or essences. I introduce materials that typically would not be found in clay to create textures that represent nature and juxtapose the biomorphic organic forms with porcelain vessels that signify our human condition. Sensuous surfaces, muted colors, and fluid forms create a quiet relationship meant to entice the audience both visually and physically. The tactile and responsive character of clay continues to interest me and is an essential component of my artwork. Using clay as a creative device allows me to explore the perfect balance and depth with a visual texture that represents how this landscape intuitively blends our humanness to nature, memory, culture, history and ideology.